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Alison Mooney Your Ashburn Virginia Realtor You need a professional Realtor who knows what it takes to help you sell your home.

I owned my own home staging business for six years and can offer expert advice on how to prepare your home for sale. I combine my real estate knowledge with my staging expertise and can help you sell your home quickly and for top dollar! With my proven marketing and selling strategies and a thorough understanding of the market, I will help you attract the right buyer and will expertly negotiate the best price for your home. Here’s a staging checklist to help you get started!

Ideas for Staging Your Home: Where should you start?

Curb Appeal:

  • Put seasonal flowers in planters next to the front door
  • Replace worn door mat and old door knocker/handle
  • Add fresh mulch to front beds and around trees
  • Keep lawn watered, cut and conceal the hose
  • Paint and caulk where needed


  • Check to make sure your house smells clean when you walk in the door
  • Make sure all bathrooms shine (conceal toilet brush & plunger)
  • Wash the windows and open all the blinds
  • Keep the kitchen clean and trash emptied
  • Keep baby, pet and smoking areas clean


  • Organize storage areas in the garage/basement (labeled tubs look nice)
  • Hide mail, bills (all personal information), magazines and newspapers
  • Keep laundry room neat by concealing clothes and extra detergent
  • Choose a couple favorite family photos and put them in a bedroom
  • Remove all “magnet items” from the refrigerator doors
  • Pack away excess books, movies and video games
  • Organize the pantry and show some open space
  • Limit toys to one or two locations


  • Create space by packing up half of the items in the closet and shelves
  • Show space on the floor and organize the items on the shelves
  • Make sure you can see the back of the closet
  • Hang a few empty/matching hangers


  • Ensure that your paint colors and décor are neutral and pleasing
  • Add colorful pillows and throws to update/renew your furniture
  • Add fresh flowers for a burst of color and scent

Cats, dogs, and other furry friends:

  • Put pet dishes out of sight when possible and eliminate pet toys/beds
  • Keep pets out of the house or use a crate when showing
  • Use deodorizers in pet areas and hide litter boxes

NOTE: If you would like this checklist as a printable form, Ideas for Staging Your Home.

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